Innisfil Skating Club



The IFSC and its coaches are associated with the internationally renowned Mariposa School of Skating in Barrie.


Training opportunities are offered to IFSC skaters at Mariposa. StarSkaters are able to advance their skills, potentially even entering the Competitive levels of figure skating.  See your IFSC coach for details.


For more information on Competitive skating levels, please see the Skate Canada website at


Additional information regarding the Mariposa School of Skating can be found on their website at


Guest Skating is available at IFSC for StarSkaters and Competitive skaters registered with other clubs wishing to skate an extra day or wishing to arrange lessons with an IFSC coach during any of the Senior sessions.


A per session fee of $25.00 is charged. Additional coaching fees are paid separately.


Skater’s must complete a registration form, including their home club and Skate Canada number in order to participate.


Guest Skaters may not be on the ice while a programed group lesson is in session.


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